About Us

Approved Casualty & Surety is a specialized wholesale intermediary working with insurance brokers to deliver a wide range of surety bonding and insurance products to

North American and International Markets, making us one of Canada’s most trusted advisors. With two dedicated divisions, we specialise in surety bonding and insurance solutions for the construction industry.

Our experienced staff and specialized insurance & surety partners are dedicated to providing you and your client’s businesses with professional

And Superior service. No matter the client needs, Approved Casualty & Surety can assist.



We are a highly professional and knowledgeable intermediary. We specialize in securing facilities for the emerging, small to mid-sized contractor and subcontractor. Our clients include trades from all construction sectors. Approved Surety’s bonding experts can also facilitate all your client’s commercial surety needs, including everything from fiduciary to excise tax, customs, licenses, permits and lost document bonds. Please refer to our Commercial bonds section for more information. We evaluate your client’s unique bonding requirements and always try to find a solution using the expertise and innovation of our seasoned staff. We deliver informed and expedient service through our trusted broker partners. We respect the value that brokers add to their clients. We also understand that insurance brokers and agents may prefer not to be involved in their client’s finances nor wish to take responsibility for the ongoing financial reporting and bond issuance, necessary for uninterrupted bonding support. In this case, we offer brokers the option of administering the facility on their behalf,

While earning commissions. Our bond products and services include but are not limited to:


  • General Contractor and Sub Contractors bonding facilities, in both Canada & the U.S.A
  • Small –to Medium Emerging Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Service and Design Build Contractors
  • Engineering Companies
  • Environmental Contractors


  • Including Design & Performance


  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Service contracts


  • Canadian and U.S. customs and excise bonds
  •  Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder Program
  • Independent Long-haul trucker program


  • Carnet Bonds



Approved Casualty is a specialized, highly professional and knowledgeable insurance intermediary. We excel in providing insurance solutions for the construction industry. Our tie ups with top insurance companies enable us to produce required insurance coverages with tailored limits requested by the contractor. We provide following insurance coverages:

  1. Commercial General Liability Coverage
  2. Builder’s risk, wrap-up & COC coverage
  3. Coverage for speciality contractor’s
  4. Commercial property coverage
  5. Errors & Omission coverage


FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CALL US AT 1-877-495-8777 OR EMAIL US AT surety@approvedsurety.com.


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