Delivering a wide range of surety
bonding products to North American
and International Markets.

About Us

Approved Casualty & Surety is a specialized wholesale intermediary, working with insurance brokers to deliver a wide range of surety bonding, and construction-related insurances to Canadian, American, and International clientele. We specialize in surety bonding, particularly providing construction bonds to contractors and commercial surety bonds for corporations and individuals on account and transactional basis.

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Construction Bonding

As a representative of a contractor or a contractor yourself, you may have a ten thousand or ten million dollar project, but it’s still a vital deal to the growth and stability of your organization. Approved Surety Bonding Capacity Enhancement Programs to meet your specific needs, and we’ve got the specialists and financial strength to facilitate those needs…No financial statements and need a bond? Instant bond solution Under $500,000.

Commercial Bonding

In addition to construction bonds, Approved Surety also provides a variety of Commercial Surety Bonds. Commercial bonds are comprised of the following major classes of bonds: Customs and Excise, License and Permit, Fiduciary, Lost Document and various special commercial bonds…

Construction Insurance

Approved Casualty provides innovative construction insurance and alternative risk transfer programs to provide long-term solutions for complex projects.

Approved Casualty’s experience in providing contractor’s insurance has helped us identify special needs and potential exposures that you as a contractor…

USA Bonding Program

Approved Surety facilitates Canadian Bonding for U.S and other foreign companies/ non-Canadian residents offering Broker access to hundreds of Miscellaneous Surety including…

International Bonding

Approved Surety gives insurance brokers access to International Bonding markets that allow their contractor clients to apply for bonds abroad. Approved Surety provides bonding…


As a trusted provider in warranty administration services, service programs, customer service support, claims processing and service contract, Approved Surety offers comprehensive and…

Mining and Reclamation Bonds

Approved Surety has the confidence and expertise to meet and facilitate the mining and reclamation bonding program needs of prospective mining companies…